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Protecting Tomorrow is a 501(c)3!

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Though sometimes we can’t see the danger lurking on our cyber world, we know it’s there and can change people’s lives in an instant. By donating today, we can continue to fight for the safety and health of our communities, schools, and tomorrow’s technologies.

How does my donation help?

We have a variety of ways we give back to our communities, thanks to your donations. Here are some examples:

We help students develop technical and cyber skills to be cyber safer and cyber strong
Protecting Tomorrow addresses the need to inform, train and educate small and medium sized businesses in America on how to protect themselves from cyber attack and cyber crime and leverage available related products and services
Emergency Services are open to cyber attacks that affect us all and can result in the loss of life – we need to help protect those who protect us
We support programs that reward the early implementation of security in technology development and programs that help to protect our companies from IP theft
For more examples of activities we coordinate, as well as examples of how the money is spent, please click here.

Our operation truly depends on your support. Please donate today!

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